Will Goodgame Gründung eines Betriebsrats verhindern?


Laut eines kürzlich gekündigten Mitarbeiters hat der Hamburger Spielehersteller Goodgame Studios in den vergangenen Tagen „alle 15 Mitglieder einer Betriebsratsgruppe entlassen“, die im Dezember 2015/Januar 2016 die Gründung eines Betriebsrats initiieren wollten. „Es wurden auch weitere Mitarbeiter entlassen, die bei einer Infoveranstaltung kritische Fragen gestellt haben“, so unsere Quelle.

Auf unsere Nachfrage hin äußerte sich ein Goodgame-Sprecher wie folgt: „Nach eingehender Prüfung hat das Unternehmen entschieden, sich aus betrieblichen Gründen, wie z.B. Leistungsdefiziten, von 28 Mitarbeitern aus unterschiedlichen Abteilungen mit umgehender Wirkung zu trennen.“

Goodgame Studios ist Deutschlands führender Entwickler und Anbieter von Spielesoftware und spezialisiert auf das Segment Free-to-play. Im Fokus stehen Mobile und Browser Games. Mit mehr als 1.200 Mitarbeitern ist das Unternehmen Deutschlands mitarbeiterstärkster Entwickler von Spielesoftware. Goodgame Studios wurde 2009 in Hamburg gegründet und ist inhabergeführt.


  1. As an ex-employee, who was not let go during this period, left well over a year ago (out of own accord). I can say that I know that some of the people who were let go had „excellent“ in their performance reviews. I very much doubt it was performance related.

    • I find that very hard to believe. Do you know the amount of time and dedication needed to organize and create a workers union? Those guy, if it’s true, must have spent over 4h per day planning. How can they have „excellent“ in the their performance reviews not doing their job? Also, there is no excellent in the performance reviews, so you are BS us.

  2. […] Goodgame Studios entlässt Mitarbeiter – angeblich um die Gründung eines Betriebsrats zu verhindern. So seien laut gamesbusiness.de in den vergangenen Tagen “alle 15 Mitglieder einer Betriebsratsgruppe entlassen” worden, die einen Betriebsrat gründen wollten. Der Spieleentwickler spricht offiziell von betrieblichen Gründen, wie z.B. Leistungsdefiziten und 28 Entlassungen. gamesbusiness.de […]

  3. This resonates well with what I know about this company. It seems to be common that critical voices are shut down by villainizing the person speaking out or punishing them otherwise e.g. by relieving them of their responsibilities.

    • A critical voice may be constructive or destructive. Normally the destructive critical voices are fired from any company since they do not identify with companies. Constructive critical voices, solution oriented voices do not get fired. Pulling your dick out to criticize makes you an idiot, not a critic.

  4. When the 4th fastest growing company in Germany (goo.gl/tVXZdf) fires 28 people out of the blue, bullshit will pop-up!
    Those ex-workers claim it was retaliation for trying to found a workers union.
    The company claims they fired people who had performance deficits.

    So I ask: Where those guys spending their work time organizing the workers union?

    • You could argument towards both sides. Judging by the massive fluctuation of goodgames personal I would be careful to brush it off as the peoples fault and not the companies. Goodgames has not the best reputation when it comes to employee satisfaction and treatment

      • You are correct but any company above 1000 employees has an high fluctuation, otherwise something is wrong. It is also important to set a difference between employee satisfaction and ex-employee satisfaction. You cannot keep ex-employees satisfied and if someone is not satisfied and still working there… well, we are in the presence of idiots.

    • 1+1 scheint gerade noch zu funktionieren. Mehr wohl auch nicht?! Wann würdest du es machen? Vermutlich wohl in deiner Freizeit. Denk darüber nach bevor du den nächsten sinnfreien Kommentar abgibst.

    • Obvious GoodGame employee is obvious.
      Please, explain the other 4-5 companies per year where this also took place. Starting with Ubisoft Paris.
      Or live in denial and keep justifying this disgusting tactics, if that’s what you want…

      • I would explain, if I could understand what you wrote.
        Microsoft fired 7800 people for the same reason „operational reasons“. Ubisoft, Blizzard, Zynga, Kabam, BigPoint, Gameforge they all did it in previous years. Guess what? This always happens at the end of the year, so that the „bad debt“ is not passed to the new year.
        Will people cry about it? Yes they will and it’s what we are seeing atm. It is not about defending disgusting tactics since this baseless complaint is as disgusting as it would be to fire people for this reason.
        If this was the case, a large company would fire everyone in a week’s period and this way „hide“ the real reason, but they fired everyone at once not fearing bad press. Why? Because, these „news“ was started by people trying to profit from being fired. A worker’s union is something to be decided by the majority of the 1200 workers, not by 7 or 8 of those who where fired and make it known once they are out the door.

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